Business Cases

Subsidiary for a leading Russian industrial holding
A major Russian heavy machinery holding faced struggles with optimisation of its manufacturing subsidiaries' activities and their potential pivoting. The client asked VDI to identify new high potential niches and launch the modernization process via newly founded subsidiary.
The subsidiary was built from scratch - from concept and financial model to headcount and process maps. For the modernization purposes 4 in-depth market analysis studies were conducted to identify new opportunities and create a basis for the newly founded subsidiary.

  • Subsidiary created in partnership with a leading Russian bank to finance modernization. Initial investment - RUR 1 Bn for the 1 year
  • Pilot implementations started in two Russian regions - based on Consultant market analysis. Investment in each pilot exceeds RUR 4 bln
  • Expected economic effect over 2017-2026 - RUR 100 Bn

New business-unit for a global FMCG
Global soft drinks leader asked Consultant for help in redefining its consumer interactions and restructuring all related units. Related functions were divided between several units and agencies. Low quality analytics, lack of insights, slow response rate, several subcontractors unable to communicate efficiently with each other.
As-is analysis, providing Client with best practices. Redefined all related functions.
Combined all functions under one process leader.
Provided client with a roadmap for a safe transition to the to-be point.
Project was delivered in close cooperation with a top-tier marketing agency.
  • Business unit was acknowledged as the most successful among EMEA peers, delivered result is being multiplied across EMEA offices
  • Client budget savings: 6,8% over the year vs 30% over expenses in peers
  • Headcount expenses savings - 30% compared to the previous year

Strategy for a large power energy company
Large Russian power energy company faced a wide range of problems in different regions:
  • Customer attrition
  • Shrinking profitability
  • Overproduction
VDI was provided with an opportunity to implement a complete set of solutions in the pilot region
Developed several scenarios of power energy consumption in the pilot region and agglomeration.
Conducted field and desk research for understanding client's customers' needs.
Found new business opportunities to diversify client's business in the region.
  • Consumer attrition was stopped.
  • Diversified business streams stabilized client's revenue in the region.
  • Production redistribution optimized clients assets in the region and helped to shut down the least efficient power plant.
  • Pilot region best practices were scaled to other regions

Strategic planning for a global Pharma Company
  • A global Pharma company was entering the Russian market with a diversified portfolio of products
  • The strategic agenda was to grow both core and new products
VDI were asked to assess the client's current strategic plan and identify growth opportunities in OTC and other segments
  • Conducted extensive assessment of current businesses based on client's data and external sources
  • Assessed growth alternatives based on client's capabilities and aspirations
  • Supported the client in reaching out to potential partners, negotiations
  • Evaluated commercial perspective of transactions based on collected data
  • Granular assessment of the current client's products compared to the market trends provided a new perspective for client executives and board to shape mid and long term strategy
  • VDI supported the client in getting to advanced stage of a deal discussion with 3 potential partners / targets

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